Get Fertile Bred Cattle for Just $1,350

You have some choices to make when you’re ready to increase your herd and purchase new cattle. Ask 9 ranchers and you’ll get 9 different answers, but you can’t go wrong with bred cattle. We have been serving the South including Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas for over 40 years.

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When you work with family-owned businesses, you contribute to the local economy, keep local taxes lower, and create local jobs for friends and neighbors.

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Over 40 years of satisfaction.

Why bred cattle?

  • You know the mother
  • You know the genetics
  • You track the weight gain
  • You know exactly what you have

When you work with us

  • BBB accredited
  • The right cattle in the right places
  • Multiple truckload discounts
  • Free consultations
Bred Cattle